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Feasibility Studies

Through usage of experimental modeling, such as , ASPEN Plus Model

Waste to Energy

Reaching out for potential technology providers that suits the clients needs

Innovative Products & Solutions

Fabricate and Develop pellet making machines using various feedstocks. Through collaboration, such devices are manufactured.


Hear out your needs and help identify a plan for solving the problems, and accomplish your goals. By rendering of advice, and professional opinion

About DME

What is DME?

Oy DME Solutions Ltd is innovative Finnish company which provides a number of business services in the field of sustainable environmental solutions. In collaboration with other Finnish partners, the company provide training and education services related to vocational training, biorefinery projects, and sustainable energy solutions such as waste-to-energy. Its core business objectives stem from the need to develop and scaling up environmentally friendly solutions to the modern world’s environmental challenges whilst contributing to economic development.


What do we do?

We prepare skilled professionals to be able to develop and tailor sustainable solutions is quintessential to countries striving to tackle their environmental challenges by promoting rural development and entrepreneurship, creating new job opportunities. Moreover, developing successful projects requires new skills in project designing and implementation to avoid financial pitfalls.

Oy DME Solutions Ltd is dedicated to assist clients in developing locally-oriented and environmentally-sound projects by providing up-to-date consultancies, conducting economic feasibility studies, and co-financing operations.

Our Partners


0 % Renewable Energy of total Finland's final energy by 2020

Renewable Energy

We should not just consume hydrocarbon fuel but use it to develop hydro power, and renewable energy sources.

The future is green energy, sustainbality, renewable energy.

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